Meet Tarien

I offer in-person coaching and mentorship to help people navigate the transition from where they are now to the life they want to be living.

In 2018, the rug was pulled out from under me and I was forced to leave the first home, life, and relationship I found a sense of belonging in. I was completely shattered and I didn’t know how to move forward. This stress triggered the release of complex childhood trauma of emotional neglect and rejection, and I was forced into deep soul inquiry while learning how to regulate my nervous system and navigate the challenges and demands of my outer life while my inner life was in complete turmoil. 

As a creative and empathic child in a conflict-ridden household, I grew up feeling neglected, rejected, unheard and misunderstood. It didn’t feel safe to be me, and I felt lost in a state of vague confusion and turmoil. In this uncertainty, I didn’t know how to navigate the complexities of my inner world and society’s expectations. As a result, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and fought a lot of battles in my personal and professional life, and I carry a world of experience inside of me. 

It’s from these personal experiences of trial-and-error learning that I offer grounded mentorship. Over the years, I became tired of fighting for the acknowledgement and validation I craved as a person with my own unique magic. It’s only since 2020 that I’ve been working with a spiritual mentor that I’ve been guided to connect on a much deeper level with my own guidance – her insights were powerful keys to unlock my own inner wisdom. As a result, I’ve slowly been uncovering the fears and beliefs that have held me back from stepping into my authentic self and onto my path. 

Like you, I was seeking a deeper connection to life, and I sensed that living from a place of grounded connection would align me with my own purpose and place in the world, and the deep joy that can bring. 

It was only through commitment and determination to a deep dive into my soul’s wisdom that I recognised my purpose to support other people on their path as they find their ground and connect to their inner wisdom to better navigate their outer lives. 

In order to fulfil this purpose of helping others reconnect to their path, I became an internationally certified Life Coach, NLP practitioner, and certified Executive and Management Coach. I now offer these skills and tools in in-person sessions from my home practice in the beauty and peace of Cape Town’s southern suburbs.

“I radiate a calm and gentle energy that provides a sense of safety so that you can relax and reconnect with your true self to experience clarity, harmony, and acceptance. It is only when you feel completely safe and relaxed that you are able to connect to your true nature and experience the courageous expansion of growth.”

~ Tarien Roux


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Tarien has been on a personal pilgrimage of self-discovery for her entire life. Her journey has taken her from academia, to living in a permaculture community, to storytelling through film, all of which has affirmed her firm belief that our individual ways of meaning- and sense-making are all valid and beautiful. Always looking for her place in the world, she is on a continuous quest that has allowed her to explore multiple spiritual tools, practices, and pathways while always returning to the wisdom within herself. In the groundlessness of life, she thinks of herself as a wayfinder and offers intuitive insights, meditation, and sacred circle gatherings.

People who have worked with Tarien call her style gentle, patient, calm, and grounded. She is supportive, encouraging, and empowering with a keen ability to hold space. 

She currently resides in Cape Town’s southern suburbs with her partner, Peter, a dog, a small vegetable garden, and two beehives. She considers her dog, Gabi, to be the friendliest dog in the world. 

“How might we become more immense in our capacity to feel, and more courageous and creative in our response.”

~ Adam Horowitz

You’re ready to start making changes in your life and you’re ready to stop feeling disconnected, adrift, and isolated. You’re ready to expand and grow into a life of clarity, harmony, and acceptance that comes from finding your ground and feeling connected.