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I’m sorry you have to cancel! I understand – life happens… We get busy, or we feel we need to prioritise our responsibilities to work and our loved ones. But, have you ever considered that part of those responsibilities is to show up as our best self and that living a life of connection and acceptance is one way of doing that? My passion is to support and empower you to do exactly that, and I trust you will remember that you are always welcome. In the meanwhile, I hope you will find inspiration on my social media channels (links below).

If you change your mind, feel free to book a session online or you can email or message me directly. But first, I would be grateful if you can take one minute to send me a quick message and let me know the reason for your cancellation.

Thanks again,

Tarien at Deer Heart Coaching


This photo shows a thank you card on a wooden tray with a branch of cotton.

Please take one minute to let me know why you cancelled:

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